The search engine to the right U+21E8.gif has been customized to include carefully chosen websites that are inclusive, research-based and come from organizations that provide free parent resources.

Parenting is hard work and all families can use support from time to time.

These websites offer families support by sharing information on child development and parenting strategies, providing families with resources related to quality child care, and more. Use them to support your own family or share them with the families in your life!

If you have a parent resource that you would like us to consider as we expand this site, please complete our resource form. All submitted resources will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Inclusive: resources that do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, etc.,
  • Research-based: resources that feature the results and findings from peer-reviewed research that is relevant to parenting education and/or parenting. Personal blogs that feature opinions on parenting will not be eligible for inclusion on our website.
  • Not for Profit: resources that are ‘not for profit.’ If your website and/or resource is primarily focused on advertising classes, or promotional materials that would profit a business or individual, the OPEC website will not be able to provide advertising for your website. * Please note that if the main focus of the resource is to provide free high quality information about parenting or parenting education, then the resource may be eligible for inclusion despite  any ‘pay for’ options included as part of the resource.

Highlighted below, are a few of the websites that have been included in our custom search engine. For a complete list of websites, please check out our current list of OPEC Approved Parenting Resources.