Parenting Together was first launched in 2015 as a monthly research-based resource for parents. It is available each month in English & Spanish. If you have any feedback on this newsletter, please email us at


Each month, the newsletter will include book recommendations that follow the topic of the monthly release of Parenting Together. We  release the yearly recommended booklist as a complete list that can be downloaded and shared in advance of the release of the monthly newsletter.

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  • January 2021 (English) (Español) *Making Friends
  • February 2021 (English) (Español) *Celebrating Black History Month All Year Long
  • March 2021 (English) (Español) *Keeping Kids Active during the Winter and Spring
  • April 2021 (English) (Español) *Helping Kids Deal with Disappointment
  • May 2021 (English) (Español) *Keeping Children Connected with Friends from a Distance
  • June 2021 (English) (Español) *Enjoying the Outdoors
  • July/August 2021 (English) (Español) *The Importance of Arts and Crafts
  • September 2021 (English) (Español) *Learning about and Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October 2021 (English) (Español) *Beyond the Book: Bringing Stories to Life
  • November 2021 (English) (Español) *DOUBLE ISSUE: The Importance of Practicing Gratitude & Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
  • December 2021 (English) (Español) *The Importance of Family Traditions

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