Recognition System


The OPEC Recognition System is a tool for Parenting Educators to 1) build and maintain a professional portfolio that documents education, training, and work experience and 2) apply for recognition as a Parenting Educator. The OPEC Recognition System was developed to support Parenting Educators and offer a road map for on-going professional development.

Development of the the OPEC Recognition System has been a collaborative effort across OPEC, Oregon State University and other early childhood sectors. The system supports and aligns with Oregon’s Core Knowledge and Skills for Parenting Educators as well as the Core Knowledge Categories for Oregon’s early learning profession and the Oregon Core Competencies for Home Visitors.

Get Started Today!

Building a portfolio and tracking professional development in the OPEC Recognition System is free to participants. The system will track your progress toward reaching recognition and an invitation for one of the five recognition designations will appear when you are eligible. If you are interested in using the system to start building a portfolio and/or apply for recognition, please review the following:

Applying for Recognition

Once the application is ready to submit for review, you will be prompted to pay the application processing fee of $60.00. The application processing fee initiates the review process, but does not guarantee recognition. During the review period, certifiers will review your records and supporting documentation and may request additional information or corrections. When all records are verified and/or corrections made; a recognition certificate will be posted to your account. Recognition will be valid for three years from date of issuance and subject to renewal.



Marketing Tools

Are you looking for ways to introduce the recognition system to your staff or colleagues? We have developed a webinar, short promo videos, presentation slides, and handouts to download and share!

  • OPEC Recognition System: An Introduction [webinar]
  • What is the OPEC Recognition System? [.mp4]
  • Steps to Get Started [.mp4]
  • What is the OPEC Recognition System? [.ppt]
  • Steps to Getting Started [.ppt]
  • Information sheet [.pdf]
  • Paths to Recognition, Stories from the Field [.pdf]