Professional Development

The Oregon Parenting Education Professional Development initiative began in 2013 with the intent of creating a system of professional development for Parenting Educators in Oregon. This system includes a common set of core areas for Parenting Educators in a variety of early childhood sectors, a professional network, a recognition system for Parenting Educators, and professional development opportunities. This highly collaborative effort is led by Oregon State University with input from national, state, and local voices.

Parenting Educator Core Documents and Recognition System

Thank you to everyone who gave of their time, energy, and expertise during the field review of the Oregon Parenting Education Professional Development Core Knowledge and Skills, as well as the Recognition System.

  1. The Core Knowledge and Skills is designed to outline the Core Areas that are essential for high quality practice and preparation for professionals in the field of Parenting Education. The document is available here: 2016 version CKS.
  2. The Recognition System will provide recognition for Parenting Educators from different education and experience pathways and offers a road map for on-going professional development. An at-a-glance chart of criteria is available here: 2017 version Recognition chart.

Oregon Parenting Educators Conference

The 2017 Oregon Parenting Educators Conference will be on Monday, May 22, 2017 on the campus of Oregon State University. This is an opportunity for parenting educators from around our beautiful state to network and grow as professionals, support each other, and elevate the profession of parenting education.

Information and conference updates will be available on the conference web page.