Technical Assistance

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The evaluation process is used to inform OSU about the technical assistance of the OPEC grantees. Based on the emerging needs of the grantees, the OSU team delivers technical assistance on an individual grantee basis as well as in group settings. Technical assistance is available in a variety of ways including site visits, phone conferences, resource development, sustainability planning and general consultation efforts. OSU has developed several resources to aid grantees in developing strategic frameworks and implementing quality programs.

To increase networking and sustain a common OPEC vision, the OSU team hosts the annual OPEC Networking Conference. Agendas are planned around identified common training needs. Past conferences have utilized national experts on topics such as initiative branding, collaboration, leadership, sustainability, and social media. The networking conference also gives grantees a venue for sharing common goals, successes and challenges across sites. This is an opportunity for grantees to engage in collaborative efforts alongside funders, OSU and other statewide initiatives.

In addition, OSU has worked with statewide partners to build a professional development system for parenting educators. These efforts have produced a professional support network (OrPEN), a set of core knowledge and skills standards, a recognition process, an online course, and ongoing professional development opportunitites.