Grantee Welcome

Welcome to OPEC! This page provides an overview of the resources and requirements that you will need as an OPEC Grantee. If you are a new staff member and need access to the Online Reporting System, Grantee Newsletter, or Professional Development/OrPEN Newsletter, please complete this form. For additional questions, please contact a member of the OSU Team. Much of the information outlined below can also be found on our Grantee Resources page:

Password: 2015opec!

Timeline of OPEC Key Dates & Requirements

Key Dates

Fall Grantee Conference

Fall 2021: The week of October 18th – Virtual! Every fall (usually in October), grantees gather to share experiences, brainstorm about challenges, and hear about research related to parenting education and best practices. Location changes each year. Attendance at this conference is mandatory and paid for by OPEC.

Oregon Parenting Educators Conference

May 2022; Oregon State University: The parenting education team at Oregon State University hosts an annual conference for parenting educators and other professionals working with children and families. Two enrollment spots per grantee organization are subsidized by OPEC.


Data Collection

OPEC grantees are expected to collect data from families participating in OPEC-funded parenting education class series (Parenting Skills Ladder – PSL) and parenting workshops/events (Parenting Workshop Evaluation – PWE). Data collected are entered in the Online Reporting System on a quarterly basis. As an OPEC grantee, you have access to the the PSL and PWE on the Grantee Resources page.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports are due the 15th of the month after the quarter ends. Note: If one of these dates falls on a weekend or holiday, the report is due the following business day. Quarterly reports are entered here. Reporting instructions can be found on the Grantee Resources page (Online Reporting System Manual). To request that a new user be added to the Online Reporting System, complete this form.

Quarter                         Deadline
July – September          October 15th
October – December    January 15th
January – March           April 15th
April – June                    July 15th

Bi-annual Phone Calls

Grantees have a one-hour structured phone calls twice per year with Shauna at OSU (winter and summer) to check in about successes, challenges, resources, etc. Shauna will send out an invitation to participate. All key staff from the grantee organization are invited to participate in these calls.

Annual Site Visits

As part of the renewal process, OPEC grantees participate in an annual site visit. Shauna from the OSU team as well as representatives from funding agencies attend. In previous years, the site visit has been scheduled for approximately 2 hours for Hubs (one hour with Hub staff; one hour with Hub staff plus key community partners) and one hour with non-Hub grantee organizations. Annual site visits are scheduled in the February-April timeframe.

Annual Grant Renewal

The OPEC RFP is released from the Oregon Community Foundation (approximately November) and due around February 1st. Grantees must reapply for each year for OPEC funding.

Focus Groups

Grantee organizations help facilitate focus groups with participating families and key community partners on a rotating basis. Approximately, once every three years, each grantee hosts 1-2 focus groups in the spring or summer. The OSU team will facilitate the focus groups. Hub/organization staff play a role in recruiting families and key partners, securing a location, and providing snacks/meals. Grantees will be reimbursed by OSU for focus group expenses.

Professional Development & Technical Assistance


The OPEC website contains resources for grantees on a public-facing page as well as a password protected page for grantees, which can be found here. The password for the protected site is: 2015opec!

Annual Reports

The OSU parenting education team creates an annual report showcasing all of the findings collected across the year from all grantees. An individual site report is also created for each grantee. Find the most recent reports here. Grantees are encouraged to share reports with community partners and key stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

In a Hub’s first year, or first year as an expansion Hub, they will be supported through a process of strategic planning. Strategic planning is a fairly extensive process. An overview of the process can be found here.


Webinars are offered to the OPEC community as a professional development opportunity. Past webinar topics have included, fidelity, marketing, emotional intelligence, teen parents, and health care. Webinars typically take place every other month and will be announced in the monthly Grantee Newsletter.

Grantee Newsletters

Grantee Newsletters are monthly emails intended to inform OPEC staff about the current happenings in OPEC. Emails will included deadlines, reminders, professional development opportunities, job postings and other OPEC relevant information. If you have a staff member that you would like added to the Grantee Newsletter, please complete the following form.

OPEC Recognition System

The OPEC Recognition System is a tool for Parenting Educators to 1) build and maintain a professional portfolio that documents education, training, and work experience and 2) apply for recognition as a Parenting Educator. The OPEC Recognition System was developed to support Parenting Educators and offer a road map for on-going professional development. To learn more, please visit our site.

Training Calendar

There are many local trainings available for Parenting Educators in Oregon. For a comprehensive list of these  trainings, please visit our online calendar (available both in a list view and calendar view). If you have a training to add, please let us know by completing this form.



OPEC has a long history and it is important to understand where OPEC has been and where we are going. You can access more the history of OPEC on our site here. New OPEC staff may find it helpful to read the latest cumulative summary and executive summary which can be found on the Evaluation page of our website. Community partners and key stakeholders might also find the OPEC history helpful to better understand the OPEC vision and long-term outcomes.


Our series of OPEC Toolkits were released in the fall of 2017. They help to spread awareness of the importance of parenting education and can be used to facilitate partnerships between organizations promoting parenting education and other agencies serving children and families. Each toolkit includes presentation slides (that can be downloaded as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation), resources and social media images for posts on Twitter and Facebook.


In addition to the OPEC evaluation, the OSU team conducts relevant research alongside faculty at Oregon State University. To learn more about the reports, publications and presentations that have been completed, please visit our website.


At OPEC, we think it is important to continue developing new resources and content for parents and our community. The Blog page on our website is a collection of entries from faculty and others who care about translating the latest parenting research for our parents. As of February 2018, we will be offering a corresponding research handout with each blog post.

Parenting Together Newsletters

The Parenting Together Newsletter (Formerly Oregon Parenting Together) started in 2015 and is a monthly newsletter that can be distributed to parents in your community. It is available in English and Spanish.

OSU Team

OSU Faculty (housed in the Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children & Families on the Oregon State University campus) provide expertise in evaluation, technical assistance, professional development and resource development. Check out our website for OSU team contact information.

Social Media

OPEC is on social media! Check out our pages for the most up-to-date, research-based content that you can share out on your own pages: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.