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Parents: Reading is great (!), but math is your friend, too

⇒ Download our corresponding research handout: Spotlight on Parenting Research: Boost Math Skills by Engaging Children in the Home Why Math, Why? If you are like me, you may have started to read parenting books while pregnant. Then, if you are…

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Nothing Left to Google: Parenting my own way

For better or for worse, I entered motherhood with zero expectations for the impressively large changes that such a tiny little human being could have on my life. Now, when I look back at the time that our daughter was born,…

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Student Perspectives on Parenting Education (Part 2)

In part two, see Oregon State University students respond to the question: “Based on what you have now learned about parenting and parenting education – do you think we should invest in parenting education?”

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Student Perspectives on Parenting Education (Part I)

For the September and October OPEC blogs, we are going to be sharing the voices of Oregon State University students who took a course on “Parenting Research and Application” (HDFS 312).

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What I Learned from Teaching my Daughter About Empathy

by Shauna Tominey, PhD
Meet Shauna Tominey, Assistant Professor of Practice & Parenting Education Specialist at Oregon State University

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