Student Perspectives on Parenting Education (Part 2)

For the September and October OPEC blogs, we are going to be sharing the voices of Oregon State University students who took a course on “Parenting Research and Application” (HDFS 312).

Students were asked to respond to two questions in their final discussion for the class:

  1. What is the most useful piece of advice/information you have learned from this course that you think would be helpful to parents/caregivers?
  2. Based on what you have now learned about parenting and parenting education- do you think we should invest in parenting education? Why or why not?

We shared student responses to question 1 in September and are now following-up with their responses to question 2.

Parent education NEEDS to be invested in.  Parents are raising the next generation who will care for our communities and these young children need to be shown love and responsiveness by their parents.  Raising children is difficult but the more knowledge we have about their development and the needs that each age has the easier it is to understand their behaviors and react appropriately.  There are no classes or textbooks that are mandatory before having children, but the more knowledge we acquire the better we can prepare for what is required of us as parents and what to expect from our children.
-Karalee Behling

Yes. I believe that all high school students and college student should take required credit courses on human development and parenting. This introductory knowledge would open young adults up to better understanding their phases of growth and the emotions and turmoil that they may have experienced during youth or puberty. It would also play an important role for them if and when they themselves become parents because they will remember their semester learning about babies, young kids and young adults and this could be a positive influence when deciding which parenting style to adopt based on information provided in school.

Yes, absolutely. I think parenting education is valuable at every stage of development. For parents of newborns it would be very beneficial to understand that picking up your crying child does not spoil them but provides them with secure attachment. Some parents may not realize this. As pointed out through this course many of us parent like we were parented. Gaining greater insight as a parent can certainly do no harm. I know I did. The section we read on “fair ways to fight” definitely made me reflect on my own style of “fighting.”

I do think we should invest in parenting education. I think it is awesome for parents to want to learn more about what exactly their children are going through at what moments and what they can do to help further their growth processes. There’s so much to learn and it is impossible for every parent to know it all, but parenting education could open so many doors to opportunities some parents never even would have known about.

I think that investing in parenting education would be the best thing we could do for families. I believe that if parenting education was more known and accessible that education for children would be more of a positive outlook. I think there is nothing wrong with raising awareness for parenting education, and I think parents would only benefit from these programs.
– Anonymous

I do think that we should invest in parenting education. Based on what we have learned through this class about the difference that parenting education can make, it does not make sense to continue shoving parenting education aside. It has such a negative connotation tied to it because it implies that a person does not know how to parent if they need parenting education. It is important to let people know that attending parenting education classes will only help them in their parenting and open them up to new ideas and methods because, let’s face it, no parent gets through life without having problems with their child.
-Cheyenne Fasana

Parenting education can provide support for new and experienced parents. All parents want what is best for their child. Wanting the best and doing what is best, are two different approaches. By investing in parenting education, parents are given helpful tools to encourage character in their children.
-Stephanie Khauv

Yes I think that we should have parent education. There is a lot of research showing that parent education helps the development of children and prevents juvenile delinquency later in life. It helps the parents understand social, emotional, physical development through every stage. There are so many ego centered and dramatic things that children do that a lot of people have a hard time understanding, but that all comes with knowing the different developmental stages that they go through. Children are ultimately our future and how they grow up really shapes them. These are people who we will be putting into our society and they need to be nurtured, respected, and understood.

Based on what I have both learned, and experienced, we definitely do need to invest in more in parenting education. The committee I am currently apart of are working on a grant proposal to fund additional trainings for us facilitators to meet the needs in our area, specifically our alcohol and drug addiction and recovery population. As stated in the lecture, every child deserves an effective parent, but how can a parent know what is and isn’t effective when raising their child? New parents aren’t give a manual after leaving the hospital. When I am at my wits end, I have sought help from Google and blogs written by fellow parents in the same predicament. The desire for parent education is out there, the only difference parent education classes bring to the table, is that it isn’t on a web page.

I think we should invest in parenting education because parenting is not an innate ability. It’s common to hear from young parents that they’re just “winging parenthood,” but that’s not necessarily the most correct thing to do. Raising a child is not a hobby; it’s a lifestyle and a job. In order to get a good job in the real world, you need to go through years of education. Parenting should be seen similarly, and I’m honestly super happy that I chose HDFS as my second major because it’s given me tips on how to raise my own future children.
-Brooke Meyer

Absolutely, I think all parents should take the time to get educated about their child’s development. If you think about it, how can parents raise a child not knowing how their child’s brain works? what affects them positively or negatively? It seems like a gamble that I’m glad I didn’t play.

We really need to invest in Parenting Education now or we will end up paying for it down the road.  Children need effective parents and so does our society.  When we invest in such programs, it will pay back in huge dividends and in many, many positive ways. Children who have been raised to be loving, secure, respectful members of society, likely give back to society.  Children need to be socialized and Parenting Education programs can help teach and guide parents to do just that.  I hope that the Federal Government will look to the parenting education and application research and see that the 150 million dollars spent per year on the Healthy Marriage Initiative would be better spent on Parenting Education, and not just exclusive to those who are married with children.  The Healthy Marriage Initiative leaves out an astounding 40 percent of children being raised by unmarried parents.  Research shows that as long as children’s needs are being met (and these are well defined) the family structure does not matter.
-Angelynn Proctor

Of course we should invest in it! Because the problems in our communities will never get better (only worse) if we don’t address them at the core…the family. Research has proven that prevention and early intervention can improve the lives of children, who will grow up to be the parents of the future.

Since long before I enrolled in this class I have thought that parenting education would be immensely helpful in our society. In the past 8 weeks, I’ve only grown more supportive of this idea–the profound influence that we have on our children and their lives is far too important to take for granted. Not to simply target populations of parents that have no frame of reference on parenting or know what they are doing, parenting education is something that everybody in our society could benefit from. Individuals should not have to attend college in order to have a more in depth understanding of parenting techniques and child development when it is such a ubiquitous experience in our global population. There are plenty of people in this world who do not have access to basic resources and knowledge needed to be a successful parent–it should be expected for those of us who will have children or work with children to know everything we can in the face of their development and progression as a human. To put it simply, our knowledge or lack thereof does not end with us, it is recycled continuously through our next of kin–future generations deserve to have opportunity at being a responsible, respectful, and contributing member of society.

It is of no question that the investment of parenting education is exceptionally important. We invest in knowledge by investing in each other. We mustn’t forget that we all start somewhere; the power of knowledge is real. The parent who wishes to acquire more knowledge for the benefit of their child is not a bad one.
-Amanda Sampson

I absolutely think we should invest in parenting education. Especially for those enter into parenting either be accident, or find themselves in a stressful situation. Not every parent has a co-parent to rely on, or extended family or friends to help them out along the way. I think it is important to offer classes, support groups, and facilities where any new parent can feel comfortable going to to get information, advice, and tools to help them out.

Yes, I think that we should. More than that, let people know it’s available. Get the word out. People, even parents, will not really know anything about child development and parenting unless they’ve learned it, been taught, or sought out the information themselves. I believe the best chance at reducing child abuse/neglect, reducing teen pregnancies, encouraging child development, and building stronger parenting skills MAY be found in parenting education. Education is the answer to many problems. “When you know better, you do better”. If we can measure the effectiveness of these programs, it’s worth it.

I do believe we should invest in parent education. Especially because of family of origin. So many of us base our future parenting skills on how we were parented. So if we can educate parents about child development and get them the best knowledge on how to raise children then we would have a better probability of raising competent children who will turn into successful adults.

Based on what I’ve learned, I definitely think we should invest in parent education. If a parent is not educated when they have their children, it will affect their children in different ways. If their parents are prepared and are ready to be parents, then it’ll be a chain reaction and they will be able to raise their children like they know they can. I think that investing in parent education is also like investing in educating children, and that is always important.

I absolutely believe we should invest in parenting education. Building a better world for our children starts with how we raise them now, and every parent can benefit from learning new skills and techniques that can help them make the best decisions at each stage of child development.
-Michelle Tennant

I definitely think we should invest in parenting education even if not financially, emotionally and mentally. Parenting education is primarily understanding your kids and ways to communicate with them so it shouldn’t take up much financial resources but it takes time. Once parents understand to be flexible and authoritative, their relationship with their kids will be amazing and it will even set out examples for their kids to follow when they become parents later on.
-Tracy Tran

I will soon be working as a parent educator and I think it is 100% necessary to invest in parenting education!! This is the core of our society and communities, if we have healthy successful parenting, we are going to have more resilient healthy children who can better contribute to the community. Parenting education should not only be available for at risk and high risk families, it should be for all parents. It’s okay to lean how to play an instrument or do a sport, and start from not knowing how, and taking classes and learning and improving, and I think that it should be the exact same way with parenting. Parents need to learn how to parent just like they need to learn how to do a new hobby.  Learning is important for success.

I really do think we should invest in parent education. There are so many people that are uneducated when it comes to parenting which leads to neglect of the child or abusive behavior from the parent since they weren’t educated on how to deal with their child a proper way. I am also in support of anything that will help the world population go down, teen pregnancy plays a factor into that and if we can lower that rate then it would be a huge help. Parent education is important and raising a child is a 24/7 responsibility so why not get educated in something that will be apart of you the rest of your life?

I believe fully we should invest in parenting education! When you want to go hunting or drive a car you must take classes and prepare since you could potentially harm someone, shouldn’t ti be the same for parenting? Not only can potential parents harm someone, but they are responsible for every aspect of their initial development and deserve all the support and education possible in such an endeavor.
-Nichole LeSage

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