A Snapshot of Parenting Education in Oregon – 2015

In March of 2016, the college of Public Health and Human Science prepared a report on the state of Parenting Education in Oregon for 2015. Below you can find a short excerpt from the abstract and a link to the full report:


In 2009, Oregon State University conducted a study, A Snapshot of Parenting Education in Oregon, commissioned by The Oregon Community Foundation and The Ford Family Foundation19. This study found that parenting education efforts in the state were fragmented. A web-based directory of organizations offering parenting education programs was created from survey respondents. Beginning in 2010, a wave of systems funded through both private and public investments have evolved to better address the needs of families with young children. The present study, also commissioned by the foundations, sought to better understand the current efforts in parenting education in order to determine if there had been changes in those endeavors since 2009, as well as update the directory of parenting education programs.

The 2015 findings indicate that parenting education opportunities are available to some degree in all 36 Oregon counties and are offered by a variety of organizations. The needs of families with younger children appear to be better met than those of parents with middle and high school age children. In addition, there are unmet parenting education needs for a variety of other parent audiences. Respondents expressed their concerns about reductions in public funding for parenting education and said that their programming demands far exceeded their available resources.

Read the full report

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