Impact of the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative Recognized by the Harvard Family Research Project in New Profile

On October 29th, 2015 The Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) released a new profile on how the state of Oregon has been working to transform the Oregon Early Learning System. As a part of the HFRP policy work showcasing state level involvement to improve family engagement, the profile discusses how Oregon built a foundation for equitable family engagement by “leveraging three key assets: federal funds, community leadership, and philanthropic investments.”

OPEC is featured in the profile as a way that philanthropic investments impacted the early learning system and parenting education throughout the state. OPEC’s mission is to support delivery of high quality parenting education programs and to support collaborative efforts to strengthen regional parenting education systems through coordination and planning. Mary Louise McClintock, director of education programs at the Oregon Community foundation, explains, “There is a clear view that in order to help parents in those communities make sure that their children are ready for school, parenting education can be a strong tool.” The profile goes on to reveal that partnerships with philanthropic organizations, like OPEC, builds “the state’s capacity to learn from its experience and align public-private efforts.”

We are thrilled that the services OPEC provides is being recognized for helping to bolster the early learning system and providing opportunities to increase family engagement. The entire profile can be viewed on the Harvard Family Research Project’s Website here:


Putting an Equity Lens on Family Engagement in Oregon

Anairis Hinojosa and M. Elena Lopez

Hinojosa, Anairis & Lopez, M. Elena (2015). Putting an Equity Lens on Family Engagement in Oregon.  Retrieved from

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