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Parenting Educators

Parenting Educators play a key role in supporting families in Oregon. Together as a community of parenting educators, we want to share opportunities for training, network for support and the sharing of resources, and promote quality in our practice.  


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Latest Articles

Tips for working with foster families

By Megan McQueen Download a copy of the full tip sheet PDF. For more detailed information about working with families with foster children, please refer to our earlier blog post. Megan McQueen is a warmhearted teacher, coach, consultant, and writer….

Co-parenting After a Separation or Divorce: For Parents

By Megan McQueen When I was teaching, I often supported families as they navigated a transition from parenting together in one house to co-parenting in different households. I reminded families that children are resilient and there were ways to support…

Working with Families with Foster Children

by Megan McQueen As an educator, I had the chance to work with families as they became foster parents. I watched excitement build as families anticipated meeting their new children. I watched families field comments from well-meaning friends and was…