Being a parent is hard work! Thanks to generous funding, we are able to provide research-based resources including monthly newsletters and blog posts to help you along on your parenting journey.   Check out an OPEC Parenting Hub near you!

Parenting Educators

Parenting Educators play a key role in supporting families in Oregon. Together as a community of parenting educators, we want to share opportunities for training, network for support and the sharing of resources, and promote quality in our practice.  


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Latest Articles

Talking with Children about Native American Heritage Month

By Megan McQueen One November, I spoke with a neighbor who recently moved from another country. He had a young son who was learning about Thanksgiving in school and asked me what the holiday meant. I asked what his son…

Tips for Supporting LGBTQIA+ Families

Download a copy of the full tip sheet PDF. For families seeking more detailed information, see our earlier blog post.  Megan McQueen is a warmhearted teacher, coach, consultant, and writer. She grounds her work in empathetic education, importing a strong sense…

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Families

By Megan McQueen As educators, we work with everyone. I love learning from families as we build a trusting relationship. Sometimes this looks like reassuring a same-sex couple that their family is welcome and included in our conversations about families….